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Online Show Tune Challenge

Join us on Sundays at 8pm for a Show Tune Trivia Challenge on the Mayhem Trivia online platform to benefit local theaters!

⭐️ The object of the game is to identify the song’s title and the musical the song is from.

⭐️ Earn more points for answering more quickly!

⭐️ Round and game winners can nominate a local theater to receive $25 and $50 donations in that team or player’s name.

⭐️ This challenge will take place every Sunday at 8pm, May 17 –June 7.

⭐️ Prize money is sponsored by The Cabaret @ Camp Bar.

⭐️ Find the link to enter in our Facebook Event and on our website — see you there!

🎭 Support local theater companies and test your show tune trivia skills! 🎭 


We have a line-up of great events in the front bar and in The Cabaret @ Camp!


Our menu features Heggies Pizza and favorites from neighboring restaurants Key's Cafe and Sawatdee. Also enjoy craft beer and cocktails!


The Cabaret @ Camp is available for your next party or production. View our photo gallery and contact us for more information!


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Events are cancelled and Camp Bar is closed through June 1, 2020.

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